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When the weather turns humid with a vengeance, your make-up decides to make a run for it. The temperature may be losing its bite just a little, but the humidity is as clinging as ever. Wrapping itself around you like a wet blanket, it makes a mockery of your make-up. Among the many reasons you should not sweat the small stuff is because looking like you did doesn’t make you feel any better! Here are quick fixes during melting Qingdao lashes factory.

One of the first things to understand when combating melting make-up is that your skin’s texture and quality differs from season to season. Normal skins may become drier or oily during summer and oily skins may end up becoming more so.

Qingdao lashes factory
Qingdao lashes factory

Aimnd most vexing make-up issue in humid weather is that your foundation is surprised! And when the very base is affected, how can the rest of your make-up not be? The simplest way to keep foundation is its place it’s to gently blot the excess oil on the cheeks and shin with a soft tissue paper. Besides blotting papers, always carry clean powder puffs. TIP: Blot your face with a tissue at regular intervals throughout the day, even if you are indoors all the time.

On the other hand if skin is youthful and has just a few blemishes to cover, skip the foundation and use a tinted moisturizer instead. The key is to blend, blend and blend till the product is fully absorbed in to the skin and the effect is flawless.

How do you deal with smudged mascara? It’s difficult but doable. Pat Qingdao lashes factory Bdry with a tissue and cleanup with an ear bud and pat dry again. Use water- resistant mascara for comport wear. Be careful you know the difference between water- resistant and water-proof.

If you are not careful, humidity can make your eye-shadow huddle at the creases. If that happens, dab your eyelids dry and re-blend the eye-shadow, with a brush, small sponge or an ear-bud. Avoid using fingers as that deposits more grease on the lids.

In humid weather, lipstick features more often than in dry, cold weather. Make it a point to reapply a fresh coat of lipstick when refreshing make-up. Wipe lips clean with a tissue taking care to take off the lipstick and not let it to settle outside the lip-line and apply fresh coat.

Qingdao lashes factory
Qingdao lashes factory

The rules are same as those for Qingdao lashes factory: apply a fresh coat after wiping off the old coat; apply a lip-liner of a similar shade to keep the tip-gloss in place. Too much gloss will spread. Colorless lip pencils are a great way to keep the gloss or lipsticks in place.

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