100 Pcs Smart Glue Ring Holder Blooming Flower-Shaped Glue Cup


100 Pcs Smart Glue Ring Holder Blooming Flower-Shaped Glue Cup

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The smart glue cups have a gap of smart design at the ring which can be fastened to tweezers. While clipping the ring onto the straight tweezers used to isolate natural eyelashes, you can dip the glue so convenient during the application procedure. Also you can still wear it on your finger as usual
Great for eyelash extension: V breaches/grooves have different sizes at the fanning cup edges, which can wipe extra glue for volume lashes and keep the roots bonded into one cluster. Deeper V grooves work for 6D-9D volume fans, and shallow one works for 3D-5D volumes
Rapid fanning cups could keep the glue from flowing out, extending the glue drying time and maintain good performance

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    These are my go to glue rings now. Great quaility. Adjustable fit not too tight or loose and they just adjust so easy I think they’ll comfortably fit most lash artists. I have very skinny fingers and I’ve had adjustable rings that were really tight on me and they were adjustable too but so uncomfortable idk who they fit. So that was my first impression of these glue rings was that they are comfortable bc you wear them for a long time comfort is important! I also like the split in the middle of the ring so I dont over use my glue. It perfectly holds one drop of glue. When that glue goes bad I have the other side still… its great. The material is just nice to the touch too. I love these glue rings. These are the best I’ve come across.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.