Have You Fallen Into Makeup Traps?

Makeup is always fun as you can make yourself look so different. But to many people, makeup can be a nightmare. Why? It is because they do not know the true way to apply makeup. There can be many traps for own brand 3D mink lashes to make you look even worse than you not apply any makeup.

own brand 3D mink lashes
own brand 3D mink lashes

Eyebrow makeup is the number one trap that you may fall into. You may think eyebrow makeup is easy as it is only eyebrow, there are not many things you can do. The problem is people sometimes apply heavy own brand 3D mink lashes to the eyebrow to make your eyes look fresh and big. Very often, you also like to wear thick eye lines. I am sorry to say that this will not make your eyes look big but only fierce. Never apply heavy makeup to eyebrow, just make it look natural.

I guess many of you may bring a lipstick with you always. Bring the same lipstick all the time allows you only one color for your lip makeup. During the winter times, this is extremely not a good idea to do. As the colors of winter clothes are darker and therefore, lipstick color is an easy way to add in surprises to your dull look in winter. Take away your convenience concept, bring 2-3 lipsticks or lip gloss with you every time!

Rough is a must when you have your foundation on your face. But, where to apply the rough can be a trap to you. Many people’s first answer would be the cheek bone. Apply rouge to cheek bone is not wrong, but by only focusing on the cheek bone can make you look rigid. You should try to smudge the rouge from your cheek bone upward to the side of your forehead. This will make your look more natural.

Mascara is what many ladies apply to their eyes nowadays. When they see the fuller and thicker effect that mascara can bring to their eyelashes, they heavily apply the mascara onto both upper and lower eyelashes. In fact, you may not need that much for your lower eyelashes as they are easily get removed by your eye sebum. This will make you look like a panda or the poorly Smokey eye effect.

Finally, it comes to perfume. Perfume is the most expressive beauty thing that you can have. It totally reflects your inner personality. But many people purchase their perfume not based on their own feel but other people’s recommendation. Please never do it again. You should choose one that you feel great as this can truly match your personal body smell and personality.

Use makeup in the right way and escape from the traps of makeup. Just this small effort can make you look so much better and natural with your makeup on. Keep in mind these tips every time when you are applying your own brand 3D mink lashes!

own brand 3D mink lashes
own brand 3D mink lashes

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