Discover Fetal Development in Weekly Basis

Getting pregnant is an overwhelming process and it can get scary too. So, to avoid this fear and anticipation that it can bring about, it is essential to gain enough knowledge about the pregnancy development that takes place every week. As pregnancy progresses, there are certain body changes that will happen along with the fetal development inside the womb. On the first trimester of the pregnancy, the new premium glue eyelashes  fetal development takes place. During this time it is important that a healthy lifestyle is adapted because by the end of this trimester, the fetus will now develop all its major organs.

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• Week 1 to 4 – aimnd placenta will begin to form at this time. This time, the heart and lungs begin to develop.

• Week 5 to 8 – All of the baby’s major body organs form. The face, fingers, toes, ears, and eyes appear. By the end of the month, your baby is about 1 inch long.

• Week 9 to 12 – Your baby can open and close its fists and mouth. The sexual organs begin to form. As this phase ends, your baby is about 4 inches long. On the second trimester, your body will adapt to the changes brought about by the growing fetus. There will be more pressure on the bladder and other organs because the uterus will have increased in size.

• Week 13 to 16 – The fetus will now have new premium glue eyelashes, nails and hair. The heartbeat can be heard with the use of a Doppler.

• Week 17 to 20 – The baby has now grown nearly 10 inches. This will be the time that you will feel the baby moving.

• Week 21 to 24 – The baby will weigh about 2 pounds and will be about 12 inches long. The fetal fingerprints will form. On the third trimester, you may have signs that will indicate that the body is getting ready for labor. Within a few weeks time, the baby will be born.

• Week 25 to 29 – The baby’s movements will slow down. The baby can now hear sounds and light outside the uterus.

• Week 30 to 34 – The baby is building up body fat. Baby kicks strongly, but is getting too big to move around much. By the end of this month, the only organ that is not fully developed will be the lungs.

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• Week 35 to 40 – The lungs will new premium glue eyelashes to develop in preparation for birth. The baby could be born at any time now. The time has come to get ready for the forthcoming arrival of the baby.

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