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5 Simple Makeup Tips to Make You Shine

There are five basic tips that you can use to apply your lashes mink eyelashes wholesale for the best results. The first stage is to conceal any acne marks that you may have. You can do this by applying primer to any hollows. Use a soft sponge because it will smear less and primers have a silicone base that helps them to appear more natural. Next pat the foundation over the primer that you have just applied. to finish off concealing any acne marks that may be left you can finish with a layer of powder makeup.

lashes mink eyelashes wholesale
lashes mink eyelashes wholesale

The second stage is to narrow the look of your nose. You can do this by applying the lashes mink eyelashes wholesale using a highlighter down the tip of your nose. Next dab a darker shade of concealer along either side of your nose, then highlight the middle. This will draw peoples eyes to the lighter strip and make your nose look much more appealing.

The third stage is to brighten up your complexion. You can do this by gently applying rosy blush, tapping it onto your skin. Brush off the excess makeup and make sure when you use the brush to brush in gentle circles for the best results. Apply the makeup evenly to you nose, forehead and cheeks.

The fourth stage and tip for applying makeup  is to fix your eyebrows, this can be done by lightly brushing the makeup in upward strokes. Depending on your complexion you must choose a preferable color, in most cases a light or semi light taupe will work. You should try and keep this a light color and not go too dark.

The fifth and final stage or tip is to enhance the look of your cheekbones. You must use a light bronzer along the lines of your cheeks. Lightly dusting shimmer makeup powder at the top of your cheeks. This light makeup application at the top of your cheek bones will make your cheekbones much more sexy and sculpted looking. This simple tips for the application of makeup will really make your look stand out.

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lashes mink eyelashes wholesale
lashes mink eyelashes wholesale

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