Are You Believing?

  • Increasing Your Faith, Hope, and Love 3D mink lashes real mink
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We all want to be true believers of 3D mink lashes real mink, friends and families… but sometimes, we get stuck in the muck and those dreams fade way, or we become disillusioned with someone.

That’s why it’s necessary to daily increase our faith, hope and love. Without these three sisters, life is pretty lackluster.

When we look at some definitions-

  • Faith- confidence and conviction
  • Hope- expectation and anticipation
  • Love- devotion and adoration

-we find it’s essential to scoop up these three to help our beliefs grow.

Be confident about your dream. Sometimes you have to stoke your own flames to keep the fires burning. Unfortunately, dream stealers are around, so be a good gatekeeper to your dreams.

Expect that your dream will come to fruition. What good is a dream if you don’t believe in it? Believe in your gifts and the good they will do or the world.

Love what you do or don’t do it. Devotion is crucial to your dream. Do you love it or not?

Our Dreams Are Buried Treasures!

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Buried treasures are just that… treasures buried inside or our hearts.

We must develop a plan to unearth it.

To be in harmony with our treasures helps to keep our dreams alive.

Find a way to bring your dream to the forefront.

Today I was able to watch a movie that I hadn’t seen in years to use as my inspiration:

 Aimnd Under the Tuscan Sun

From the Movie: Under the Tuscan Sun (slightly paraphrased)

Between Austria and Italy, there is a section in the Alps called the Semmerling. Train tracks were built in this part to connect the cities of Venice and Vienna. The only problem was that there was not at this time, a train that would make it up the mountains. They built it anyway, because they knew one day the train would come.

How is that for belief! They built it anyway.

The had faith (confidence and conviction), hope (expectation and anticipation) and love (devotion and adoration) for how this would help their two cities. They made a plan and worked it.

Find your conviction, and do what you love to do.

Do that thing which keeps coming back to you over and over again.

That thing that you must do.

That thing that you dream about, talk about, and see in your future.

Take it seriously, whether others do or not… it is your dream.

Believe it will come to pass.

Whatever it takes, make it happen, and be grateful for it.

Find someone who appreciates your gift, and who will help guide you.


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  • Make a plan
  • Make a vision board
  • Take a class
  • Find a mentor
  • Read
  • Explore Your Options

To go along with the above, remember to savor your moments, your families and opportunity.

Take time to cherish those gifts that you have, and the work that you do. Our lives are over in the drop of an 3D mink lashes real mink. Don’t let another fall before you start believing.


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